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Day 25: self isolation/covid 19/2020. Food is what binds us together. So much of my life is focused on food - cooking, growing plants, storing dried herbs, looking for interesting ways to cook and create food for myself, my family, and to share with others and photographing vegetables, fruit, and bread. When I was photographing the migrant crisis in Budapest in 2015 food was one of the binding elements between me and the people I met and photographed. Sharing their soup, bread, and fruit with me while we sat on the concrete floor of the railroad station. Food was our common language. No matter where we are in the world we gather together, or sit alone, and nourish ourselves with food. Tonight with the last two slices of bread reminded me that food is a central element of our human condition. Celebrate your food - wether it’s a simple slice of bread, a piece of fruit, or a fancy meal. Life in pandemic times is difficult and isolation is lonely, but with food we are reminded that life continues.