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Day 29: self isolation/covid 19/2020. Passage. Moving from one place to another, one state (of mind, spirit, mood, etc) to another, transforming from one situation to another. Our time of pandemic seems more and more like a passage only we have no idea what’s on the other side, we are just hurtling forward toward a different place while we stand here on the other side. Our time of isolation is both comfortable and unsettling. I’m thankful I live in an old house that holds us safely. Old houses have sense of solidity and security. “It’s the kind of house you want to wake up on Christmas morning in.” One of our favorite lines from our favorite movie “The Wonder Boys.” When we found our old house in Dixon we knew immediately that it was the kind of house you want to spend a lot of mornings in. A 100+ year old house that’s been through a lot of history and our time of pandemic is yet another layer to add to these old walls and creaky floors.