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Day 40: self isolation/covid 19/2020. My morning coffee. The coffee that I love, the coffee that we order by the case and when I unpack the box and fill the pantry shelf I smile at my abundance of coffee from Italy. I’m down to my last can and it is not available from our supplier so no happy shipment will be landing on my porch anytime soon.<br />
I’m adjusting. Slowly adding a different coffee so that when I finally run out I won’t notice the difference. It’s really not that bad, just a slight shift in behavior, taste, and expectations, and hardly a great sacrifice or inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.<br />
I started my self isolation journal 40 days ago and today is my last entry. Time to move on and work on a few other visual and writing projects that I’ve started. Forty days to shift, adapt, be comfortable with change. If you’re familiar with any form of training to break habits or create new ones the forty day mark is when you usually reach that point of breaking away from the past and being comfortable with the new pathway you’ve carved out.