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Day 32: self isolation/covid 19/2020. I really didn’t feel like doing anything today. On days like this doing something mundane usually makes the day pass quickly, so, I organized some files, a few piles of papers on my desk, then cleaned up a stack of cookbooks. Perusing a small cookbook that came with my bread machine an entire section on jam unfolded. Yes, apparently you can make jam with a bread machine so a batch of marmalade was tasked. While the machine did the work I then decided to organize the pantry and finding some surplus dry goods I filled a box to donate to The Sharing Pantry that our local bakery has to help people. As the batch of marmalade was cooking Greg Stidham took the donations to the bakery and returned with a giant cinnamon swirl for my afternoon coffee. There are days like this where no plan is in place, no list of things to do, no goals, no trying, no great achievements, just doing.