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Day 1:  Day 1: Self isolation/covid 19 crisis/2020. I’m a photographer so it’s natural for me to find ways to document our current crisis. I’m also 64 (and a 1/2) and fall in the age group recommended to self isolate. I actually started restricting myself two weeks ago, but yesterday I suspended my yoga classes and today both Governor Newsom and the CDC recommended people in my age group self isolate, so today I begin my visual story telling. As I headed out the door to go for my afternoon walk (walks in nature are acceptable as long as people aren’t nearby), I noticed all my shoes waiting for me at the door as a reminder of these restrictions. My farmers market tote bag was especially sad to see. My sentinel trees greeted me at the end of the road with a beautiful country landscape. This won’t be easy but it’s what we have to do and who knows where we will be in eight weeks. Making pictures was actually a relief so that’s what I’ll do.