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Day 39: self isolation/covid 19/2020. Potential. What is potential? Something that has the capacity to become something in the future. I’ve been collecting terra cotta pots for at least 40 years. Every time we moved they were all boxed up, stored, and moved again. Every time I unpack them I imagine all the cool plants and seedlings I’ll grow in them. One year I grew sage and lavender from seeds, leaving the plants in the garden when we sold the house, tearfully saying goodbye to my garden, and the pots came with us to the next home. Every once in awhile a pot breaks. One year a beautiful hand made pot that I bought in Italy in 1977 shattered into pieces as the garden hose knocked it over. Those broken pieces were then put in the bottom of a larger pot for drainage, only to be resurrected in preparation for another move when the plant was taken out. Seeing those old broken pieces of pottery reminded me of my life’s adventures and travels and the potential of each transformation that we move through. Our pandemic era has forced us to shift, re evaluate, adjust, re arrange and move forward even if we don’t want to, the potential is there we just need to accept it and move on.